For the very best Limoncello from Italy follow this recipe.




1. 12 ripe un-waxed lemons.

2. 1 litre strong alcohol, ideally the 90% pure you can buy in Italy and most other European countries except Britain. If not use a high proof non-flavoured Vodka .

3. 800 grams sugar.

4. 1.5 to 2 litres water depending on how strong you like it.



Remove and finely chop the peel and discard the pith and everything else, do not be tempted to use any of the lemon itself or any of the juice. Soak the chopped lemon peel in the alcohol for at least 40 days. Prepare a syrup of tepid water and the sugar. Strain the peel from the alcohol and add the syrup mix.

And Taste!!


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