Beencounters (Preface)




Bean Counters (Preface)



Before recounting this tail it is important to define "Bean Counter". Sometimes referred to as an "Accountant", or more often as an "Acuntant", they can be male, female, transvestite, hermaphrodite, or undead and they all possess certain unique characteristics, IE: Mean, selfish, devious, Grade A liar's and self important to Olympian proportions together with the interpersonal skills of a Woodlouse after a Lobotomy


An excerpt taken from the handbook entitled "The Institute Of The Most Useless F***ers In The World Today" quotes, "There isn't a single one of them throughout mankind's entire history that has contributed one iota of benefit to society without first ensuring that he himself grabs the biggest slice of the cake."



And last month's edition of "Masturbation Methods For The Sexually Unfulfilled Bean Counter Wives" magazine quotes, "Sexually they all seem to have the flair and imagination of a Radish, and really ladies I still wonder why the F*** I didn't listen to my mother before we got married. She'd told me my dad was a Bean Counter and the only way she'd got pregnant was to use the Dyson Spunk Vacuum Special while he was asleep and then quickly lie on her back and use the 7,000 kilowatt extended dildo attachment on the ejaculation setting.

Her husband had died one night when she'd accidentally switched the spunk extractor to blow instead of suck and his balls exploded. My advise ladies, get the Dyson, 

it works for me