Tony & Cheery









It was one day when Stefania was washing the Octopus's wig when Tony Blur appeared on her doorstep, he'd been canvassing on behalf of Comrade Stalin Corbinski and trying to sell her the lie about the Whoppers of Mass Destruction.





She'd recognised him immediately as the lying toe rag who still owed her the 75 pence he owed her for the operation she'd performed on remodelling his nose to stop it glowing like a beacon when he lied.


"Oy red nose where's the bleedin 75 pence you owe me?". Tony's response was to smile and try the first lies that came into his head, "The cheque's in the post" and "I wont cum in your mouth".


Unfortunately at the same time he suddenly let a ripper of a fart go so huge Niagara Falls sized tears shot out of his eyes and he began to float away in the flood down the street. Stafania was not happy and threw the Octopus into the river of tears and yelled


"Fetch Marmaduke".


In the meantime on the advice of her friend Barbara Shrub the wife of the American President George Shrub, Cheery had set up a very exclusive Secretarial Service for those perverted old farts who were members of THE HOUSE OF LEWDS


Although the girls hadn't got the faintest idea of what was needed from a secretary (They had of course heard of "Shorthand" but thought this was something you did when the batteries on the Vibro were flat). And business was booming after supplying the 6,000 girls to those useless lying bastards who did nothing all day but tell each other how important they were and wank their lives away.



  Mechano Micky


It was a Tuesday at the Blur family home "FIBBER CASTLE" and Tony was enjoying being buggered with the thick end of a Parsnip by Dugal and Zerberdy as he watched Florence giving some rabbit a blow job on the Porn Doll Channel while Cheery had gone off to practice her weekly impression of a human being down the Co-op.


Don Tossalot's twin brother Don Toss-A-Little-Less and some of the boys had dressed as TUC officials in Pin Striped Donkey Jackets and infiltrated the castle and it didn't take them long to discover a set of rooms, which judging from the noise coming from inside were the Blur's secret Bestiality Chambers.


After carefully opening one of the doors Don Toss-A-Little-Less took one look into the chaos that was making all the row, before he cried "Porka Madonna" and charged into the room. He was immediately thrown into the air by the huge tool of Mechano Micky going up and down on the figure of Winny the Pooh while Henrietta Hen held her down with he legs spread wide.





Don Toss-A-Little-Less richosheyed off the ceiling onto Elle The Elephant who was breathing heavily and trumpeting in pleasure from Mini Mouse's rapid thrusting with the dildo behind ........ bounced of Deputy Dawg and clipped Miss Muffit's wig as her head shot off and she climaxed ........ before finally landing on top of Zerberdy who in turn shoved the Parsnip so far up Tony's ass it came out his mouth peeled and ready for th


While all this had been going on one of the boys had been filming everything and the rest of the lads had now put all the sex crazed toys in straight jackets ready for shipment to The Arthur Scargill Nursery School.




Miss Muffit


When Cheery got home Tony was strapped on top of a "Fart Throbber" dressed in a Cindy Doll outfit with an industrial size nappy and crying his eyes out surrounded by all the people he'd lied to in the past ..... this turned her on so much she whistled for Rover ..... he was such a scamp